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5 Tips For Better Video


Do you remember how you used to read blogs? You know how nowadays you get a paragraph in and give up? (Other blogs, not this one.  This one's wonderful.)

Same with video.

Most videos should now be 60 - 90 seconds at most.

'But I have too much to say...'.

You also know how you are always complaining about trailers giving the whole film away? That shows how much you can fit into a really short piece of film. Keep them on board. Keep it short.


An important part of any role is keeping the boss happy. It can be really tempting to make a video you know they'll like.

What makes a boss happiest is engaged clients and customers. Engage with your customers by speaking their language in a way that they can feel.

This is because now we make customers in the same way we make friends. Through mutual shared interest. Not speaking down to them. Not calling them 'Sir' but by being their friend. A friend who knows what they are into and can tell them about it in a fun, stimulating way.


There are a million ways of shooting any video. But what's right for your budget?


Are you the kind of company who needs the customers to engage really heavily once a year or do you need them thinking about you once a week?


As you know social content production can be the beast that never sleeps. Do you have to spend a fortune to make regular, relevant video content or should you be saving for that one big video that blows everyone out of the water?

The answer depends on your clients and customers.

If your customers are tweeny instagram users then you might well be able to shoot a video once a day on instragram's native video app which will not require a huge crew or high end cameras. Often this is best then supported with less regular higher end content that establishes your brand as being substantial rather than just another kid in their bedroom.

Maybe on the other hand you are an investment firm and your clients don't want to see you spending too much on regular low end content. What they want to see is that you are a professional firm with high end capabilities, your finger on the pulse and that you are keen to keep them informed in their positions, despite their busy lives. In this case maybe a quaterly report with top-line stats shot beautifully with lively but clean and clear info-graphics.

Make video work for you, your way. Have a plan and dont be afraid to change and amend that plan.


That Socrates fella knew a thing or two. Though he also said that 'True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.' So maybe he didn't!

Before all of the above steps, it is crucial to know who you are as a company. Not just knowing who your audience is but why they chose you over your competitors. What is your USP (unique selling point).

Once you know who you are and why you have a niche you can build on that.

Google knew that Ask Jeeves felt a little too stiff for an early generation of online surfers. Yahoo a little hokey? Google placed theselves as the anarchists who didn't even have a real word as a name!

Your video needs to radiate you-ness. It needs to smell and taste like your organisation - not Bobby from the mail room. You as a company. Who you aspire to be and who your clients hope you already are. Even better, take your customers on the journey with you as you develop.


They will proudly point out, like any friend would, that they knew you back when. Remember, video is the face of your company most people will see first.


We've made a lot of videos. There are few things more frustrating than when a great video is made and it is released at the wrong moment.

We once made a video for a charity. It was coming up to a large launch and we suggested that this would be the perfect moment to release the video to help propel the launch to new audiences. They would have their audience hungry to share something and a great, beautiful and engaging video to do it with.

Shortly afterwards at a charity conference they were asked to show a video during a break. They released this video to backs of heads and empty chairs.

They then felt that since it has been 'seen' they may as well release it online and all of the impetus was lost. Damp squib would be to talk it up.

Can you tie in a large release? Get all staff to re-post on their social media on the native video players (this will push up views). Tie it into a national story. Use hashtags. Use it to launch something. Make it an event.  That way video will be working for you, and rather than just as a tick-box exercise it will be the main event.

...and one for luck...



If you don't believe us look at the stats HERE.


If your company doesn't get good at this now you will be lagging behind very shortly.

As Melissa Mendelson, Facebook Europe VP, has said, the world's favourite social platform will 'probably be all video' in the next 5 years!

To chat to us about your next video give us a call or drop us a line.

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